Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family and Education

My sister-n-law and I always have good discussions. Today we were talking about what role a parent plays in educating your children. When I was growing up there were six of us kids. I had an older brother Wayne, two older sisters Kathy and Cindy then two younger brothers, Jim and John. While I was going through school my parents would ask if my homework got done and if I said yeah that is all there was to it. I know that basicaly parenting is like that today, because my kids would tell me, "yeah" but I would sometimes say, "okay" and other times say, "let me see what you have left to do." What has always been frustrating to me is the children that learning comes easy to them, or does it? Do these kids have just a knack in how to learn or is the family structure so different that it makes it a more cohesive learning environment? I know that we are all different and that we all learn in different ways but how could I have made my way better. I think a lot of it is self-determination. I don't believe that we can blame our parents or education system on how well we learn things I do believe that we have to take a certain amount of responsibilty for ourselves but I haven't learned a way to instill that into the lives of anyone.

By the way the current stimulis package needs a lot of readjustments before it can pass through a vote. If we rush this one through where it stands currently we will be sorry for a very long time.

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