Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wacky doodly tired

I keep starting my IF projects but have no time to finish them and am getting a little frustrated with them not turning out the way that I want them to. I want to make them simpler but they keep turning into long illustrations. Is this the way that it is in the true artist field. Is everyone out there just zipping things together in a day. Just Curious if anyone wants to respond.

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Jim Rowland Creations said...

This is exactly how I operate! In fact It usually takes me a few days-worth of sitting on the toilet before I can come up with an idea I actually like! The it takes me 2 nights of drawing (after normal work) to get an image drawn and fine-tuned! Fret not, Patty, we're all in the same boat - except for some people who churn out any old poo in a matter of seconds (which you can see on IF each week, but I won't name names!)