Thursday, April 8, 2010

Many Friends

Many friends come and go in life but some stick it out for the long haul with you. I moved to Dubuque Iowa about 3 and a half years ago and am just starting to feel at home here. I miss my family back in Rockford but have so many opportunities here to become involved through ministries here. I am involved in a great biblestudy group on Wednesday nights learning about hearing God's voice. This time in study has proven to help me with my walk tremendously. There are about 8 women in the group and it is just a real comfort to me to know that I have something in the middle of my week to help me through spiritually. It has also helped me to focus more on Jesus through a process of quieting myself down, tuning into the voice of God and writing down mine and His communication with each other. It is wonderful. I need to spend more time with this and less time on facebook. Sorry FB but you take up too much of my God time. Okay I am not sorry. Well anyways I hope that everyone who passes through here remembers to seek out God's Voice.
Quiet yourself down
tune into spontineaity
visualize and journal

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