Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Information Overload

I am in the midst of 2 Bible studies, just finishing up with vacations, weddings, ending one job and restarting the other, visiting with my Dad and Mom, I am reading "48 Days To The Work You Love" by Dan Miller. Every day at some point I go through and read my favorite bloggers. It may take me an hour and a half. There are some great blogs to read out there. This may seem pretty normal for most people that they have this many things going on. Do we really need this much business in our lives. I question that because at study tonight we talked about the pursuit for God coming from us and not from Him. He wants us to pursue Him not the other way around. How will we ever be able to be in this type of relationship with our Heavenly Father if all we can do is work, go places, and read books? Before Dan gives me grief I will tell you that his book is awesome and I am looking forward to finishing it.

Wow, I am suprised at this post that I never posted. What a suprise! Things have changed since I first wrote this and I don't think any of my readers, Lynn, will even notice that I wrote this a year ago. My job status has and not for the better but some how some way God has brought me through it. I have been listening to some radio station fund raisers lately and they have a lot of good and helpful information about doing what God wants us to do and fully relying on Him. Now that's not suprising either but I must keep reminded myself daily of this message and not getting frustrated with the rest.

God Blessings to all,


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