Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dollar Store Crafts

This is my first Dollar store craft which cost approximately $6.00.

Hat: $1

Flowers: $1 per bunch x 3 but did not use all of them

Bunny: $1

Butterflies: $1

Four grocery bags to stuff the inside of the hat to make it firm/cardboard cut to the size of the hat/ a 3inch piece of ribbon I had laying around/and a small amount of hot glue (with a glue gun of course)

I had actually bought quite a few items unsure of what I wanted to add to this wreath.

I used the cardboard to make the wreath more sturdy other than that I think everyone knows how to make a wreath. Right? I guess I shouldn't assume that but I am not sure how to make the training post on a blog. Is there a more user friendly blog builder that I should know about?

Happy Easter everyone. If you have any suggestions please let me know. God Bless


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