Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I did some crazy stuff this weekend. I was feeling very out of sorts and decided to go to another church to see if I liked it. It was ok the people were very nice but I don't know(Sermon about Fathers). After I went there I ran over to the church that I use to go to for about 4 years. I stood outside the auditorium and just listened almost to the whole thing but not quite (About God's Mercy) After that I went home got online and listened to Dave Stone from Southeast Christian church. I have been struggling financially and have been crying out to God for answers. During that prayer time God gave me a vision of a women who looked to be from a 3rd world country, I think Africa with tattered clothes, no shoes, very thin, standing in the middle of a dirt road. I said ok God I get that I should and do appreciate all the opportunities that I have here in the United States. I need to be thanking you for the things that I have. While Dave was preaching he showed a video of a recent trip he had taken to Africa. There were two women who had both lost their husbands and have the AIDs virus. Each one talked about what they do for a living. One sold little fish and one sold french fries at night. I don't know if there is more to what God wants me to know or do about this vision so if any of you have any thoughts or prophetic insight  please let me know.
Also during the sermon on Dad's at the one church I felt compelled to start a praying ministry online for the men. Men in general. I believe that men need us to be behind them to support them and help them to be confident. I am going to praying for Men, Men in leadership of countries, Men in leadership roles in churches and Men in leadership of their families and young men preparing as role models for their children.
So Men just know that today that there is a 54 year old woman in Dubuque Iowa sending prayers up on your behalf. May God Bless you and keep you. In Jesus Name, AMen If you are someone that wants to joing in this ministry please sign your name and keep your men in your prayers. That's it for today.

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