Friday, June 24, 2011


Here is one of the guys that I am praying for. His name is Chandler. He is my son Steven's son who is almost 8 years old. He just had a new baby brother. My son and his wife were divorced when Chandler was very little. Steve and Chandler live about an hour from each other and it makes it very difficult for Steve to be there for him. I am praying for Steven to find a job without the hours he has so that he can spend more time with Chandler. Steve is a car salesman. So if you don't mind keep him in your prayers.
I am going through the bible in a year and todays reading is in Job. I love the book of Job because it is so interesting and invigurating to see how God is working in Job's life. I can't wait to read through this book to learn more. I better get busy the day is getting away from me.
I have been watching Twitter for a little bit today and just thinking about all these people and what their lives are like. Many are proffessional, Authors, Artists, Bloggers, Preachers, Politicians, and such. I am pretty interested in all that they throw out there for the most part. There is quite the difference between the night time tweeters and daytime tweeters. Sometimes in the day it is hard to keep up with everything. What I like about all of it is how much knowledge that you can pick up. How many people you can have pray for you. It doesn't just have to be in the rhelm of your close friends and family and your little church in Dubuque Iowa anymore, you have access to a lot of professional prayers out there. (I hope they don't mind)

Today I will be going to a place called the Freedom Center. There are a lot of Veterans from the local area that come to visit have coffee and do some wordwork thing or something to keep their mind occuppied. We are hoping to get some of the younger vets just coming home, in hopes to give them a support system  so they don't shut down. We love these troops!

Praying for all the men out there who are leaders, Dad's, Politicians, you name it if you have important decisions to make there is someone out here praying for you along with all your other someones. May God Bless you All.

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