Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

I had to mention this year's Shultz family Christmas because it was pivital for us. We lost  my dad this year who had been struggling with Parkinsons Disease. While we don't always know what we will encounter on this earth done of us wants to see a loved one suffer. Others of you have lost loved ones this year too and it is the first Christmas without them around. While I was looking through pictures of family and friends I could not believe how many people we have lost from this earth. However, in saying that I have so much comfort in knowing about eternity and meeting the King of Kings. I was at my work today and one of the ladies there had a special needs son whom she lost to MD. She shared how she went to church with her daughter's family in Des Moines Iowa and saw a little boy in a wheel chair who reminded her of her son. In that moment her husband prayed for that little boy and for his family. As tears welled up in her eyes I couldn't help remembering my niece and nephew and Debbie who have all passed in the last few years. So many memories and heartbreaks. My Dad, Jim Shultz, was very quite and peaceful. When my nephew passed we were at the florist and he quietly bought a rock with a picture of an angel on it for my sister. I saw him quietly give that to her when we returned home. A couple months before he passed I came to visit him at the nursing home. When I walked in he said, "Beverly was just here". Beverly was my niece who passed away in October of 2006. I think these are all gentle reminders for us to remember the people left behind. I am honored that I had a father who was so loving and caring. I miss you very much Dad. You will always be a great inspiration to me.

Oh by the way Cindy brought in crafts for our Christmas day and these are some of the ones that we all made. We had a great time putting them together. Cindy took this picture.

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Patty said...

Ok I did not edit my post this time and I can see a lot of problems with it. Forgive me, I said my Dad but there are 6 kids in the family my mom and brothers and sisters who mourned his loss as well. Thank you Cindy for bringing in the crafts. We had a blast with that project.